Spreading what counts

What if everyone knew about how to get our social and environmental problems under control?

Negative news predominates in most media. Reports about solutions and stories of success, on the other hand, are rather rare. Studies show that this imbalance leads to a distorted perception of reality and takes away the courage and hope of people to shape the future positively. The GOOD Impact Foundation runs several programs that counteract this imbalance: by curating existing and producing new solution-oriented content, we contribute to a more realistic and balanced world view, strengthen the belief in positive change, and enable people to initiate and carry on this change themselves.

In early 2018 we launched the Good News App. Good News is a curated news service for solution-oriented journalism. The Good News editorial staff collects the most important positive news and solution-oriented articles from the most relevant media sites daily from Monday to Friday and bundles them in a compact daily edition that is distributed via app, newsletter and website. The GOOD Impact Foundation is the publisher of Good News and thus counteracts the problem that solution-oriented media content is thinly sown and difficult to access.

Research Scholarships

The Good Impact Foundation awards scholarships to journalists who research and produce solution-oriented media content. We assist our scholars through our network of media partners, journalists, and supporters.

We support constructive journalism, engage and incubate innovative initiatives or business models with scalable approaches to solving societal challenges.

Our vision is a world in which all people have access to the latest information, inspiration and tools for solving our social and environmental problems, to make the Global Goals reality.

In order to accelerate positive change we need to change the perspective and think in solutions rather than problems. Our mission is to spread the solutions to our social and environmental challenges and inform, inspire and engage as many people as possible.

We believe that good information is the basic prerequisite for good actions – only those who know what is possible and what could be done better can align their future actions and make conscious decisions. We also believe that we can solve even the big challenges faster together and that today many people are willing to make a contribution if the right options are available.

We are a modern foundation rooted in the 21st century. We use the full range of tools to advance our mission. Apart from our foundation’s core program related to solution-oriented media, we help to incubate new solutions and business ideas and invest funds in purpose-driven organizations that contribute to our mission.

„We envision a world in which all people have the resources, the knowledge and the opportunity to tackle challenges together for stronger communities and a better life.” – David Diallo, Founder

The GOOD Impact Foundation is a special fund of the Noah Foundation registered in Potsdam, Germany. The GOOD Impact Foundation was founded by David Diallo in 2019.

Board of Directors:
Dr. Andrea Licata — Strategic Partnerships
Dr. Andreas Renner – Impact Investing
Nikolas Uiker – Finance & Controlling
Kevin Fuchs – Digital Fundraising
Simon Böhnlein – Impact Media
David Diallo – Chairman

1. Spread the idea / use our tools
Spread the word and help us to get new users for our solutions (Good News or Gexsi), and install our Apps.

2. Cooperations
If you are an organization or a company that is looking for cooperations, do no hesitate to contact us.

3. Donations
Make a donation to the GOOD Impact Foundation to support our work.
Bank: Sozialbank, IBAN: DE72100205000001155101

4. Philanthropic investment
We encourage organizations, families or individuals to make a philanthropic contribution to our impact investment program, which multiplies the impact of your contribution.


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